Saturday, October 28, 2006

~~TUCSON~~The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertain

When 2006 landed in Tucson, it was not the only significant event to occur. Time changed at 24:00 31 December 2005: it changed again when Edmond McGuyer departed a flight from Houston to visit Tucson. In a land filled with mountains and blue skies, it is easy to understand why so many people live and retire in this desert. The city is more than spacious, in fact, it is huge which explains the lack of two story homes.

Being new to Tucson, McGuyer wanted to get web2.01ized( a new legitimate word created on Lex Luthor ): for those that are confused which obviously there are, it means he wanted to find local in his community. Personal comfort knowing that needs can be satisfied nearby, not downtown or India. A solution was needed to help people like McGuyer find local business: of course, locals have to want to be found, or go out of business.

Tucson was presented with a man that could very well change the way we use the web: the idea was conceived in Tucson but has applications in every metropolitan city. Does the land of conception want to sit on a hill or a fence post and watch as other business owners buy up locations near theirs? Again? It seems very real that the idea needs further development back home in Houston where businesses and entrepreneurs want to begin the future now, not tomorrow.

Two cities can lay claim to the creator of ShopFromHomepage. Tucson provided the impetus for getting web2.01ized and Houston provided the nurturing and vision of entrepreneurship. Some bags have already started to be packed, but more meetings are scheduled in the land of the Grand Canyon. Hopefully, the locations of which will not be a mystery and Tucson can make a decision.

Personally, I being Lex Luthor don't care: world domination interests me, not which city wants to lay claim on my new pal. So make up your mind: time is not your friend.


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