Friday, March 16, 2007

Lex Luthor Presents - Friday Knights

Tonight's Special Guest, Howard K. Stern, will not be able to join us this evening. A spokesman for Mr. Stern regrets that he will be unable to join Lex Luthor Presents and address some of the questions that have been raised this week: especially, the wild and ludicrous accusations of murder. Howard anticipates rescheduling his commitments with both Mark Steines and Lex Luthor by the end of March.

Joining us tonight in this edition of Choatic Knights is none other than Douglas Gibbs, author/creator of Political Pistachio who with a little help from his friend, the Night Rider, will rip in to a few other questions that seem to be filing in!

If you want to call in tonight, dial (646) 915-9622. If you plan to e-mail us, send a mail to If you just want to sit back and listen, then click HERE: Download your free copy 1 hour after taping at this LOCATION

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Blogger Phil said...

Hi Lex,

Well my friend, you did a wonderful job on Doug's radio program, I was very impressed. I enjoyed being on his radio program with you too.

Let me know how things turn out with BTR? Maybe if you need extra proof of what was happening, I would be happy to add to what you have said to them for backup purposes if you wish, just let me know and I would be honored to give them the problems that I was having getting on the Radio.

10:11 PM  

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