Monday, May 21, 2007

If you want to win, learn how to play the game: NEW SEGMENT

Lex Luthor Presents, weekly: here and on BlogTalkRadio. Money, knowledge, ideas, and dreams are invited to be discussed and manipulated for the benefit of all who wish to participate in the greatest power on Earth: information. Life is fluid: do not let the flow of success become challenged or compromised. We are the masters of our future: take NO prisoners - accompany only those who believe and want to share the life afforded to all of us yet available to the few who challenge, master and succeed.

Before proceeding, my attorneys have advised that in the event Lex Luthor DOES advertise or seem to suggest otherwise, be it known now and until we change that whatever it is we are talking about can only be construed as the gospel unless you are not a Christian. For those of you who take a literal stance on the views and opinions discussed and debated on a Lex Luthor Presents production and have paid no remuneration, then rest assured if any knowledge presented an opportunity to profit, then you must have been exposed to "Lex Luthor Pay Per Hear".

We apologize for any information that possibly could have led to beneficial insight offering monetary gains. Lex Luthor Presents is created to offer information on different aspects of our capital markets including extreme risks associated with PENNY STOCKS which offer an opportunity to profit and an exponential means to lose your entire investment. ==============================================

Join me, Lex Luthor as I give away stock picks which might wipe out your total investment!, or maybe you will triple it. Regardless, Lex Luthor will post 2 - 3 stock picks every Sunday, with special situations as they occur during the week. We will post the entry point and we will advise when WE are selling. All gains/losses will be posted after each trade has been closed out. The information provided by Lex Luthor is free; however, if you become happy with your trades, you can make a donation and become a "Friend of Lex Luthor" and get an e-mail when Lex makes a move!

Recommended initial size of account is $1000.00 , if you wish to participate for less, we suggest an absolute minimum of $500.00. Any money placed into this initial fund must be 100% disposal income and not needed. Please leave the minimum investment in your account; otherwise, just leave it in a bank and forget trying to make any money. If you chose the $500.00 account, we would not make more than 2 investments in the beginning. Of course, you can always do what you want, you are not paying anyone here for advice

All of MY profits go towards the "Bugatti Veyron" foundation.

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Blogger "My Point" said...

Layers and money.... nice life! I guess if all you can dream about is getting rich...well good luck

4:03 AM  
Blogger Lex Luthor said...

Lex is going to help everyone make money, maybe.

Footnote: Lex is changing channels. We will be leaving BlogTalkRadio shortly so stay tuned!

6:48 AM  

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