Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sold 50,000 WNBD @ .0055.

Should have got .006! This is pinky land. You can either put in a very specific order, like All or None, or the current bid/ask price, but if the MM's want to screw you they can. There were 2 bids @ .006, but my bottom limit was .0055 and they sold mine at .0055 even though the 2 MM's were still buyers @ .006. Some of mine should have gone at .006! It's the point, not the 25 bucks! I expected Scottrade to do a better job like they always have for me.

But I sold because I thought that there should have been enough momentum to push this to .007 by now which is critical. For now, I wait on Scottrade to get back with me and I watch for another trade, though tomorrow is Friday, so who knows!


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