Monday, February 05, 2007

Магазин из твоего компьютера

Last month, retained the services of a new marketing firm to develop global promotions for the upcoming year; in fact, 1 spot was finished last week. Since our company is global, Lex Luthor and the quest for 'World Domination' decided to enlist more support from our friends in Russia, especially since domination is nothing new to this part of the world. Our first commercial was sent to CBS for airing during Super Bowl 41; however, there was a problem.

Friends and followers, you have been curious lately with Lex Luthor at the helm of and all of us(currently 5) want to enlighten you, our flock. "Lex Luthor Presents" has been re-tooled from it's first ever PBS performance last December( 12/01/2006 ). That 'special' took several days to produce and it lasted almost 2 hours with no commercial breaks; it was performed exclusively on this blog via simulcast with our guest in California, Father Randall Radic. It was far to labor intensive and gave way to BlogTalkRadio as the new catalyst for "Lex Luthor Presents".

We hope that you will find LLP(Lex Luthor Presents) fun, provocative, and informative: we "talk with fascinating people only".
This Friday will be the conclusion of The Evolution of the Publishing Market . We are and have been extremely fortunate in securing some 'top drawer' guests for everyone.

The current line up includes:
2/09 - David Amerland - publishing
2/16 - Henry Baum - writer
2/23 - Natalie Omel - designer
3/02 - Edwin Alexander - writer
*Some dates may have to be rescheduled.

Pending requests for future guests include:
Dr. Blogstein
Tisha Best
Alan Levy
Edmond McGuyer

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Blogger Tisha! said...

you have it all worked out! :)

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