Friday, February 16, 2007

From Russia With Love ?

With the spread of the Internet and the collapse of the Soviet Union, there is a new twist in the age-old marriage custom of the mail-order bride. Increasingly, western men are turning to marriage agencies or introduction services to find spouses from the former Soviet Union. In an industry that was traditionally dominated by agencies in the Pacific Rim, this new breed of Russian Internet marriage agencies is rapidly expanding and overtaking the market.

Meet Natalie Omel Thursday February 22 at 10:00PM ET on Lex Luthor Presents and hear how she describes this trend in her country. She is currently producing a documentary which goes behind the scenes and investigates the exploitation of naive women trying to secure a better life and the men that will do anything to get a foreign bride.

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Blogger Phil said...

Hi Lex,

Yea I can imagine there is a lot of that exploitation of naive women trying to secure a better life.

This kind of thing first started from women from Mexico, it's not surprising that it has started branching out into other foreign countries.

Oh a little bit off topic for a moment Lex but I thought that you would enjoy putting a link up to this site, it's updated rarely but the blog is run by a group of Military Soldiers. Here is the link.

10:15 AM  

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