Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Mobocracy! Order and chaos, the balance between the 2 are and always have been the catalyst of being. Last Friday, Lex Luthor hosted another episode of Chaotic Knights with special guest Douglas Gibbs and 1 noticeably silent, Dr. Phil Night: recent inductee to the Honorary Knights.

Howard K Stern, our scheduled featured guest, canceled at the last minute for reasons beyond our control. Mr. Stern did however extend an invitation to meet with us as early as next month possibly in the Bahamas.

"It would be great to meet Howard in the Bahamas; who knows, maybe I could catch a ride with Mark Steines: that would be an excellent twist for my readers! Being live where so much of the story is developing would be excellent!", according to Lex Luthor. The latest BTR "on air" problems that Lex Luthor Presents experienced are creating questionable challenges and possibly opening new opportunities for Lex and friends. One immediate change Lex Luthor is contemplating deals with "Live Radio": the ability to effectively control any deficiencies that may develop far outweigh any "perceived" advantage of being "live." In fact, the producers had recently discussed a moratorium on callers.

Friday's problems occurred immediately after our "subsitute" guest, Douglas Gibs called in. The switchboard stopped working on the night that Howard K Stern was to be "live" with Lex Luthor! The only communications that were available were Instant Messenger and e-mail. According to a comment posted on our guest's blog, SEVERAL people tried to call in with no success.

Friends of Lex Luthor, after having commented privately seemed unanimous where the topic of BTR was concerned. Starting today, LLP will focus its "BlogTalkRadio" concerns on the "Chaotic Knights" genre. Chaotic Knights was created as a direct result of technical difficulties incurred on Lex Luthor Presents: Tisha Best was indeed the 1st Honorary Inductee of the Chaotic Knights.
Due to these recent events, LLP will be modifying the scheduling of guests for 2007: updates will be posted here.

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Blogger Lex Luthor said...

Phil said...
Hi Lex,

Well my friend, you did a wonderful job on Doug's radio program, I was very impressed. I enjoyed being on his radio program with you too.

Let me know how things turn out with BTR? Maybe if you need extra proof of what was happening, I would be happy to add to what you have said to them for backup purposes if you wish, just let me know and I would be honored to give them the problems that I was having getting on the Radio.


Thanks for the direction to Doug's channel: we also enjoyed learning of it! I really hope that BTR can resolve their issues considering traffic continues to climb.

LLP is not the only channel to experience problems; however as mentioned before, our broadcast is not bourne of a hobby: LLP is part of SFH which is just 1 of your companies!

Some of the talent we had on loan had the makings to possibly offer Lex his own booth in Sirus/XM by year end. But most important, Lex has ample talent stored on his hard drive from the Man upstairs! :)

12:36 AM  
Blogger Alan said...


I have read your post and am eager to learn what types of problems you have had. Yes, the number of shows, hosts, listeners, visits are growing, however, we need to understand what types of problems our hosts are experiencing. Please send your concerns at

Our objective is to attract the best content we can to Blogtalkradio and Lex Luthor squarely fits into this description.


6:03 AM  
Blogger Emil Michelle said...

Well, who are the new guests? And when can we peruse the list? And yeah, dump BTR. They're a liability.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Lex Luthor said...

Alan: Thanks for your comment.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Lex Luthor said...

Hello Emil: who are the new guests?

All of us at LLP ask that you "stay tuned" and Lex will continue to provide dynamic guests whose sole purpose is to entertain all of you. We take pride in our abilities to locate talent worthy of our audience and opportunities to forge new alliances.

In regards to BTR, Start ups are the most vulnerable in the beginning; however, the problems that are bleeding into our growth need immediate concern. All companies are looking for visitors to fuel their growth. Since we have been on BTR, we have illustrated an ability to penetrate various markets, not singulars.

9:07 PM  

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