Thursday, June 07, 2007

Friday 6 - 8 Update

I'll be exiting GRXI probably tomorrow: the newsletter answered most or enough of my questions concerning near term action. In summary, I am getting out and will post what price I will be targeting for and exit.

I day traded POWN yesterday which was up about 500% for the day. It was up another 73% today. I took a 20% profit in 20 minutes.

Today, I bought RBID, up 41% today. I'm up 26% on it today: still holding it.

DISCLAIMER: All stocks mentioned are based on hypothetical basis. All the information discussed is for entertainment purposes. In the event someone wanted to play this game, then I implore YOU to do your own due diligence. Mine may come from a crystal ball, fortune cookie, or even a dream. In other words, it's your money and you decide how you want to spend it.


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