Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sold 10,000 BDRR @ .02, (lost .018 or $180.00)

Bought 5000 UHCR @ .065

I should obviously not bought in and when I found out a few other players were involved in it I knew I was in trouble and was just looking for a decent exit or loss point. WNBD went to .02 today and I owned it and sold at .0055 and it just pissed me off and the emotions got me into BDRR for just a little profit. After cooling down, I looked for something new that fit the real profile. ISBL was one which I placed a buy in @ .0038 yesterday: it did not fill and has doubled today. The stock closed @ .004 yesterday. A few others I was watching have gone up as well but I still haven't quite chilled out enough.

Today's buy looks good and I have been watching it for several weeks and I feel fairly comfortable with it. So I'm just gonna hang with this one a little while unless it triples on me!


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