Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lex Luthor, me, Back in Town

Why I was not summoned earlier for this company simply amazes me. Perhaps this point of contention can be answered in an upcoming meeting with the man, the doctor responsible for this dichotic revelation to be unleashed on the world once again allowing me, Sir Lex Luthor the fun of WD! Thanks again Dr. B!

As mentioned on another blog, I have been in Houston discussing ShopFromHomepage with business men with an astute appreciation for making money. Is it coincidence that this city is the 4th largest metro in the country? I don't think so. It is because of business that never sleeps. Men and women that want to become wealthy today, not tomorrow. It is a city full of electricity and entrepreneurs! It's my kind of town; they have good bar-b-que also: like Otto's. This is where my pal George Bush likes to eat.

One company that continues to prove that innovation, leading the pack will bring more rewards than following the pack. Others who join will also reap the benefits but there is no comparison to the intellect found in self made millionaires. A major homebuilder sees the brilliance in the idea, the extreme possibilities for making money, the reality of economy, not to mention an opportunity to make a ROI of over 500% for an ad that costs $2300.00. No wonder Houston breeds genius, success, innovation, dreams that become realities, ambassadors to capitalism, men like me! Lex Luthor, native Houstonian.

The $750,000,000.00 company will be named shortly. For those of you sitting on the fence scrathing your head need to understand that the reason you have no hair is not an act of nature. Take your hand off your head and get on the map! How many people do I have to show the map to making money? Do you want to make money? Do you like seeing your competition kick your ass? What are you waiting on!?


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