Thursday, November 23, 2006

Never Before

My name is Lex Luthor and I want to thank everyone for coming: I will get straight to the point. For those of you who have seen me, you know I am promoting my company ruthlessly. Lex Luthor is introducing a radical new concept to be featured only on this blog: this is a first which will benefit all of you that want to link with me and be a part of history; through this event and the domination of the world through my company,

I ask you for your support and in exchange for your link, you will be provided with not only commensurate benefits of reciprocity, but the first 20 will be entitled to ask one question of my celebrity guest who will be here for approximately one and a half hours. It is highly anticipated that there will be a raised candle JayZ/Linken Park~~Encore type moment in the last 30 minutes. You will be witness to a fascinating man that very few have ever had an opportunity to speak with, but we have him scheduled for you 12/01/2006 at 20:00Pacific/23:00Eastern.

Thanks for your link of support and enjoy the show.

Lex Luthor


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