Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday? hmmm

Has anyone noticed when you look at the screen, it seems to be in 3D?? Could it be possible that it is just me? I seriously doubt it folks, but I'll be happy to check with doc on the medication I am taking. But, if you are not seeing 3D, you may ask yourself: how cool would that be?!? Stick around, cause you never know who tonight's special guest is. Thursday...How did I get stuck doing Edmond's job? I am still cyphering that question,But, today I went to 3 meetings that are on Edmond's schedule: of course we all know why they are; he is just so much more personable. He's just great out there pressing flesh and talking the talk. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, hell, if it wasn't for him and his, his doctor, I maynot be here entertaining my friends. Friends like you with the bald head on the third row.

I am here to tell everyone who has not seen the latest Homepage, that I, Sir Lex Luthor, now have SFH strategically placed in the UK. I also put us in Phoenix so I can be near my dear friend Bob and his T-Shirt models. This folks, this is what I do: I get the results, the large items. If Edmond has ideas, which he usually does, then I will implement them: I will....get them done. As I was describing following in someone elses path today, I hear people that don't know me, but who does really? but these people are saying things like " If you don't get on the site, you will be lost behind" Where do these guys think of such catchy phrases? Plagiarism sounds applicable, but to me it is humorous: no originality.

Today I got the results and I see just what Edmond does, and I am glad that is his job! My time is best spent on the larger picture while the ground troops get their plans implemented. So, what's next for me? I'm going to call Dr. Blogstein, there are some ideas swimming around in my head that really belong in his pool. Not to mention, he's really a fascinating guy. But I'll be back and let everyone know what I want you to know; like this is where I just came from.


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