Friday, November 10, 2006

Do I have to Explain?

The answer must be yes. Not everyone has been keeping up with the entries so reference to Shop may cause confusion? I cause confusion, chaos, depression. How so some ask, because you out there get depressed because you can't be like me, with statements like that confusion sets in and chaos always follows. Does any of this make sense? It does to me so sit back and enjoy your time here with Sir Lex Luthor.

Who and what is Shop? Shop was a figment of Edmond's imagination created from working at the computer almost 6 months straight. I say was because Shop became a permanent fixture and is still around, and has significant information on ShopFromHomepage. Ahh yes, another preponderance of inquisitive necessity. ShopFromHomepage is a revolutionary solution to re unite local business with local community: And people performing searches for specific localized areas. Business has a new friend: for a few dollars they can have their website available 24/365 on a map for anyone interested in their area. A visual tool supplying local information is available to the public detailing area business locations from owners that want you to know they are on the map and want your business.

Notice the word want? Not all businesses use the Yellow book, newspaper, tv, radio, or direct mailers. The reason could be price,absence of need, ignorance, or retardation. If a business owner is truly concerned about dollars spent on ads and they think they are wasting large amounts of money: they should get on the map. The price of a one day ad could get them on the map for one year. There! That's the summary!

Back to me! Sir Lex Luthor. News today from the land of her majesty and that will be revealed in a day or so. I love inside information, but last time I leaked some out, it caused a delay and that my followers simply pisses me off. Edmond said yesterday that I would be on later in the evening last night; but I am here now and that is close enough. Pioneer Homes, yes I am responsible for that! Another few brainstorms created by me should be revealed by Monday I would think, but this is Tucson! The Radio chick that I am to talk with about an interview is on my list as well.

And to think that it took a freak accident by a doctor to release me! I bet Dr. Blogstein has received a few phone calls/e-mails about my return! Thanks again doc. I'm having fun and when is our next session? According to my notes, it was due about now. I have a few things on, well, more than a few, but we should talk.

Sir Lex Luthor


Blogger Dr. Blogstein said...

You may be waaaaaay beyond my help!

10:18 AM  
Blogger Lex Luthor said...

I am honored and surprised that you make house calls! If there is anyone that can succumb to the challenge, it would, it could, only be the man, the doctor responsible for my existence: the infamous Dr. Blogstein! Lets chat, hmmm.

11:36 AM  

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