Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shop said what!?!

We will get to that momentarily. Tonight, politico night: some are happy, some are sad, some are rich, some are broke, some got the vote, others did not.....and it is over now... Or is it. With that said, there should be no excuse for discussions to refocus on 2 topics: make me rich/make me laugh!

Lex Luthor clearly informed Edmond that Tucson was to be taken off life support in the next 24 hours( 0911 MT-08.11.2006 ). Instead, Shop decides on its own to save it? Shop implements a plan? Where did he, it learn how to plan? From me I suppose. The next phase of my plan to add Phoenix ( Phoenix ) includes a proviso to keep Tucson as a token city because "the idea" was conceived there. This may be implemented, but it will not last in this context: it sounds political (and I am abolishing that). I, Lex Luthor, am going to target the up and comers, for instance, the THCC and 1 more group that demands success now! not at a later date! If I hear this passive, lazy ass attitude one more time there will be extreme repercussions, and I mean it. Repeat the following every day: "Success is paramount: Failure is not an option" Lex Luthor is going to have fun with this little plan that is unfolding as I speak. Some say I'm dangerous* , some say a genius(both are correct actually), some have no clue and those are the ones that entertain me the most.

Expect to see the next city shortly, as Edmond and I say, more cities will be unveiled. Tucson will remain accessible a little while longer; the reprieve is not without challenge. So for now, a few citizens have an opportunity that will provide a new tool to divert the revenue stream of the competition and parlay that flow into their coffers. I like to think of it as a gift to those that
deserve it. Tucson is the last city to get on the map with a pop of under 1 million: ShopFromHomepage was always created for metros( pop over 1.5million ).

Sir Lex Luthor

bye,bye Tucson?

This is Phoenix

* I have been informed that by saying the word "dangerous" some may get scared, some may get terrified. All I meant was do not try and stop me! Does that sound dangerous?


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