Sunday, November 05, 2006

I wonder what will really happen ?

I wonder what will really happen if a man of my powers backs one candidate or another? Surely that would be the death of democracy. While everyone is playing pong and getting hypnotized, it should be easy to slide right in and no one, no one would notice until my man, or, even I held my first Press Conference and told all the politicos they are no longer needed. Yes, it could happen: perhaps I will consider this more tonight, but first is the business at hand.

This morning, it was revealed that I, Sir Lex Luthor had indeed secured Pioneer Homes on the roster of astute, intelligent businesses that enjoy making and taking money. Notice I said taking, not stealing, simply using an incredibly smart idea for those, and only those that want to participate in a new market with unlimited potential for the price of a dinner or weekend at the beach. Taking money from business that wants to stick with the conventional media asking themselves why they have to spend so much and have their message lost on an ad for hair removal. Yes, and they wonder?
Fools. They could be riding on the coat tails of a new concept that I plan on promoting with more abilities than they will ever be able to afford and stay in business. For I am Sir Lex Luthor and I will dominate and take over this world!

Tucson. ? This place has been alluded to before and I think I will clip it! This place is not a metro: I am not sure what it is. Another example of why I am CEO now, Edmond obviously became dillusional in this place and that's why the idea hit him. People may be looking for a long time, but sometimes you can't help everyone: they need to grow up and figure out if making money in this lifetime is a good idea or trying it in another life. I will not sit around watching any more cactus grow; has anyone seen one? nevermind...


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