Thursday, November 30, 2006

Welcome To

The first installment on the PBS network! (Public Blogcasting System) Where we will endeavor to bring you entertainment supplied by direct feed to the Blog. My name is Edmond McGuyer, founder and President of and I am the innovator of this medium, unless it gets lousy reviews and then I will punt it to Lex since I did all the work while he was in Nice, then hanging out with Несмотря in Moscow. In other words, I do all the work and Lex is the guy who has all the fun. Anyway, we are anticipating a rather large audience tonight and I would just like to discuss a few items before I turn the show over.

Since this feature is utilizing the blog format, it has been decided that at the end of tonights performance, the program will be removed from the blog and placed in an archive. Anyone wishing a copy of the transcript can transfer a minimum donation of $TBD$: the donation button on the right will be the conduit. This will help defray all costs involved.

All of VIP's with questions are asked to send them in to: and all other questions should be mailed to All comments submitted during the show will be reviewed and response time will be based on relevant and/or acceptable statements or questions.

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