Sunday, November 26, 2006

Russia, China, Greece

Citizens, friends from around the world: your letters have been answered and your friend Lex Luthor has spoken! My doctor, a man of great foresight and revered throughout the land, also saw your letters and decided it would be best to qualm the spirited requests for information. This should quench the thirst for information atleast for the short term and I invite all of Russia and Greece to watch us Friday night. It is with deep regret that the People of China are not allowed access to blogs due to the freedom and expressions of uncensorable ideas. Damned bas#^@*s. However I do have another way to send a transcript, which I will. But none of my friends over there can read this, so I'll stop here.

After the private session that was afforded Edmond and I over the weekend, Dr. Blogstein decided to takes us up on a free vacation to Hollywood. We hope he's having fun and will talk with him Friday. I leave you all with another rendition of what will come on Friday night.

Hit it!

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