Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Am Лекс Лютор

I am SirLex and this is my address. Ask what is this post going to be about? Well, if I told you, perhaps you would stay or perhaps you would get a dose or two from my favorite doctor, Dr. Blogstein. But Hold On!! If you clicked on the hyper-link you are going to think you really need to see the doctor because you flashed back to me. You see, we( all 5 of us ) are learning collectively and exponentially in the powers of persuasion.

So chill out for a couple of moments and I will afford you a detour during this brief, yet appropriate dissertation. As I referred to previously, Dr. Blogstein has been not only an entertainment icon, but a very real and compassionate healer of the community. He has been able to provide anecdotes for issues that effect us and effect us where there is no antidote, i.e. Lex, Sir Lex, and Lord Lex Luthor!

I, Edmond McGuyer, feel honored to have met Dr. B and appreciate all that he has and does for me and if anybody is still listening, then you to. Have you found the detour to Dr. B's office yet? I didn't think so! Happy Holidays Dr. B.

Father Randall Radic: another man of inspiration that has been able to embolden me. Dr. B moves me closer to lunacy while Father Radic delivers or attempts to ameliorate me through divine reevaluations. We all need a father once in awhile. So thanks Dad: for your prayers, since God knows all of us( all 5 of us ) need a little help at times. Happy Holidays Father Radic.

Валерия, or for those of you who can not pronounce her name, Valeria: I would like to thank her and Иосиф (Joseph) for joining the Luthor clan. If they were to reflect on that statement, then they may wonder what the hell I am talking about, since it is I who enlisted them to this elite cast and crew of this stage created for the purpose of world domination, in a definitive, yet responsible fashion. We all enjoy having Валерия entertain us through her singing and beauty. Happy Holidays Валерия and Иосиф.

Alex Tew, entrepreneur from the UK who is brandishing an advertising/lottery business through his Pixelotto, I really don't know you that well and, perhaps I should just say Happy Holidays mate. Personally, I believe that ShopFromHomepage is a much more effective means of providing a much needed service for the benefit of many versus the few. Global thinking for local solutions.

My name is Эдмонд, and again I want to express my good fortune of meeting and developing new endearing friendships that hopefully will protect me and the world in 2.007. Yes, 2.007 YOU saw it HERE first! I am the one and the only one who has coined the year 2007 as the year to become known as 2.007 !! I am incredibly gifted as I illustrate with my new description for the next 365 days where the entire planet will refer to the time period as 2.007, the year of Эдмонд, the year of ShopFromHomepage, the year given to us all!

Ahh pizdec. Perhaps enough has been said. Everyone that has made it this far: Happy Holidays. Have a great 2.007 and with that in your mind you will always remember me, Лекс Лютор.

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Blogger Dr. Blogstein said...

Thank you, my friend. The feelings are mutual. Happy Holidays!

5:25 AM  
Blogger The Bizarre Jokester said...

merry christmas! my this day bring you lots n lots of happiness and joy!

1:57 AM  

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