Wednesday, July 18, 2007


As I said July 15, I see no reason for anyone who still owns RBID too low to sell. The stock, in purely MY opinion, is being manipulated by someone or group because it is being accumulated. I have found numerous red flags in the comapany but one of the biggest factors in making money in penny stocks is to be able to identify where the stock is being directed. It's rather easy to push, for lack of better word, maybe, a penny stock. It appears that RBID at these levels can become very profitable based purely on a momentum play. I think that it could double again from here .0048 to perhaps .009, which is where I'd sell and maybe it will go higher. I just don't like what I see in the company and who is directing it.

Since I'm here, UWRL is up 80% in 2 days, WNSH is down 16% from where I got it and PDGT is basically flat.

Cheers traders.


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