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And have you ever noticed that people describe the ‘experience’ of beauty. They can’t tell you what it is -- it's like it's a feeling. The famous philosopher Santayana asserted that beauty was “pleasure objectified.” Does that mean “in the eye of the beholder?” Or is it simply saying that if you took pleasure and personified it, molded it into a human being, that it would be beautiful? I don't know.

But did you know this? All human beings, the ugly and the almost divine, respond to beauty viscerally. It’s a gut reaction. True beauty punches you right in the primeval areas of the limbic system. So beauty, on one level, is immune to rational thought processes -- it is just a response to the ferocious imagery, the energetic urgency of physical attributes. True beauty is, literally, ‘breathtaking.’ And at times, it brings about cerebral immotility. Else why Ezra Pound’s essential two line poem, unfolding a series of beautiful faces, one after another?

“The apparition of these faces in the crowd:
Petals on a wet, black bough.”

I have a question, though: to what do we compare the beautiful? Surely, not simply the unsightly, the unattractive. Some have posited that each of us has somewhere within in us a model of beauty, a ‘picture’ of pulchritude, a universal ideal -- a beauty-o-meter, if you will. It is, again, universal -- we all have one. And the criteria are common.

My own experience underscores this theory. Except I am honest enough to assert that I find dismaying flaws in every beautiful person that I meet. And these flaws tend to repulse me, rather than attract me. I discover myself wanting to perfect the imperfection. I am truly seeking the Perfect Beautiful Person. And the more beautiful they are, that is, the closer they come to perfection, the more glaring their flaws -- and the more put off I become.

Valery propounds three different ‘bodies’ for each human being:
1. The one that we have and live in -- our own body. The flesh. It usually becomes the center of our universe. No, more. It becomes The center of the universe. For if it grows old and dies, then I am no more! That which is ‘Me’ is gone. And it is here that theology and philosophy slip into the room, looming like dark clouds on a sunny day.
2. The body general, which is the body that we observe in everyday life, in living. The body as it is adorned, portrayed on postcards, in magazines, in television ads. It could be called the ‘body in art.’ This is the body that we desire to feel, to touch, to kiss, to caress.
3. The body as a machine: the body that is composed of parts, organs, veins, blood, etc. It is the body most of us never see, never want to see, never hope to see. For it is not real -- to ‘us.’ And its reality is attended by a realization of immortality -- which is an offense dirus. Immortality, death -- is the ugly!

And I want to be beautiful! I do. I so desire to be attractive -- for if I am, then I can attract you. You might love me -- that is, if I’m beautiful enough. But if I’m not, then I will be rejected, abandoned and tossed aside. Perhaps that is why the human race values physical beauty so very much: we want it. And if we have it, then others will want us. And maybe, just maybe, they will love us. So then, perhaps Love is the only real, true beauty that exists. And if that is true, then real beauty is spiritual, is it not? Indeed, Plato asserted that beauty made the spiritual perceptible. But might it not be the obverse? Might not the spiritual be the source of beauty. Yes, I would say that is more accurate. Even Tolstoy remarked on this: “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” And maybe that’s why the Bible says, “That God looks upon the heart, while man looks upon the outward appearance.”

But attractiveness attracts, doesn’t it?

Beautiful people, or just beauty, surpass the ordinary fluxions of circumstance. And by that, I mean this: that beauty, and beautiful people, require, command, and demand space around them. Beauty acts and moves forward through the space/time continuum on grounds of procedural effect. Beauty and the beautiful ones shimmer in color as they advance -- and they progress un-self-consciously.

That all being said, from a purely psychological perspective “behavior often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.” In other words, if and when beauty is granted special favored status, i.e., power, is it any wonder then that beauty assumes its role? This ‘halo effect,’ or nimbus precedes beauty and preprograms responses. Axiom: mankind has difficulty believing that something evil could dwell in such an elegant package. To most minds, the very suggestion lacks merit. Thus, beauty is commodi, an advantage; it blinds others, those that we call ‘average,’ or even ‘ugly,’ to realism. For the ‘average’ find themselves irretrievably part of a collectivity with only mass communications to shape their hopes, formulate their values and arrange their thinking. These ‘vulgar’ ones idolize beauty; they worship at the altar that is not theirs; they accede to mankind’s topmost graven image, before which they readily prostrate themselves -- the erotica for dreams.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006



It was Origen who, sustaining the concept of human volition into infinity, found the idea of an unending Hell implausible. Thus reincarnation, as first posited by Plato, might be a method of ascending or descending the hierarchy of being, and Origen entertained the notion, although he would not bind himself philosophically to it. Instead, Origen anticipated, all beings would in due course choose to repent. Origen’s stance is proximate to Platonic metempsychosis, with perhaps a dash of Buddhism tossed in for flavoring. In somewhat the same manner, Aristotelian eschatology determined that the Prime Mover’s grace was ‘wide,’ and thus all would receive salvation in the end. This, too, negated the concept of Hell. These theories of universal redemption are denominated apocastastasis. Adherents to the theory included: Ambrose, Gregory of Nyssa, and Gregory of Nazanzus.

That ‘restless heart,’ the former heretical Manichean, the great Bishop of Hippo, Saint Augustine, ‘proved’ the existence of a static Hell. In so doing, the good Bishop stressed the beauty of creation, and by inference, the beauty of the Creator. Saint Augustine’s ‘substantiation’ cited original sin, its effects, and a kind of contrast effect instituted by the Almighty. And though the author subscribes, presently, to a literal Hell, even he must assert that the good Bishop’s evidence lacks cogency.

And just for fun, it is fascinating to note that Origen was excommunicated for his position. And not just once, but on five separate occasions, with a total of fifteen charges of anathema -- in the years of our Lord 543, 553, 680, 787, and 869, Origen was damned to eternal flames.

The beauty of psychopomp remains effulgent throughout history.

The idea of Hell has fascinated and repelled mankind for centuries. And, always on the lookout for an amelioration of Hell’s awful finality, the formal promulgation of the doctrine of Purgatory was issued in the year 1253. Shades of Virgil and Plato! This in spite of the fact that the word purgatorium did not even exist before the 12th century. This falsification reeks of Simon Magus, the seven sons of Sceva (the implement), and the magical formulae set forth in the Ephesia Grammata. Although admittedly, the venerable Bede’s seventh-century Drythelm, an example of ‘vision literature,’ propounds a similar idea.

The idea of Hell is universal. Indeed, the Viking’s called their version of eternal torment Niflheim, whose location was even cited as being in the far north, beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, the ‘Tree of the World.’ The Viking’s even went so far as to cite a counterpart to the Christian Great Gulf Fixed; theirs was called ‘the great void Ginnungagap,’ ‘Muspell.’ The Viking heaven was, of course, Valhalla. Entrance into Niflheim was across the Gjallarbru, ‘the Echoing Bridge.’ Moreover, as recently as the 1970’s, the rock group Robin Trower released their record entitled ‘Bridge of Sighs.’

The Viking Hell lives on -- even if only in rock music.

And most interestingly, the Christian Armageddon is rivaled in the Norse equivalent -- Ragnarok, the final battle of the gods and giants.

Hindu, Buddhist, and Zoroastrian hells exist, too. However, in each instance cycles of incarnation can result in advancement. And the Roman Catholic concept of Purgatory found its likeness, according to some, in the Hebrew Abraham’s Bosom. This pectoral intermediate state was, supposedly, a state of limbo. Others though, equated it with refrigerium, ‘the place of refreshment.’ And heresies of all heresies, the Virgin Mary was named the ‘Queen of Purgatory.’

In all these instances, Purgatory, or its like, was the place where behavior modification took place. Whereupon Paradise, or its like, might be achieved. Even Joseph Campbell, the great high-priest of modern mythology, has cited that each one must thus enter “the belly of the beast” before achieving apotheosis.

Satan’s wonderfully original statement, “ye shall be as gods,” lives on. Mankind still believes that he/she, by sustained effort, by constant trying, might achieve his/her own liberation.

The beauty of Hell is this: in the idea, and all its permutations, mankind senses a tragic finality. And thus, all of mankind strives incessantly be better, and more beautiful, assuming that then, he might be acceptable to God. Beauty, as a consequence, in one form or another, even if only spiritual, becomes the goal of all.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!


Лекс Лютор

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Am Лекс Лютор

I am SirLex and this is my address. Ask what is this post going to be about? Well, if I told you, perhaps you would stay or perhaps you would get a dose or two from my favorite doctor, Dr. Blogstein. But Hold On!! If you clicked on the hyper-link you are going to think you really need to see the doctor because you flashed back to me. You see, we( all 5 of us ) are learning collectively and exponentially in the powers of persuasion.

So chill out for a couple of moments and I will afford you a detour during this brief, yet appropriate dissertation. As I referred to previously, Dr. Blogstein has been not only an entertainment icon, but a very real and compassionate healer of the community. He has been able to provide anecdotes for issues that effect us and effect us where there is no antidote, i.e. Lex, Sir Lex, and Lord Lex Luthor!

I, Edmond McGuyer, feel honored to have met Dr. B and appreciate all that he has and does for me and if anybody is still listening, then you to. Have you found the detour to Dr. B's office yet? I didn't think so! Happy Holidays Dr. B.

Father Randall Radic: another man of inspiration that has been able to embolden me. Dr. B moves me closer to lunacy while Father Radic delivers or attempts to ameliorate me through divine reevaluations. We all need a father once in awhile. So thanks Dad: for your prayers, since God knows all of us( all 5 of us ) need a little help at times. Happy Holidays Father Radic.

Валерия, or for those of you who can not pronounce her name, Valeria: I would like to thank her and Иосиф (Joseph) for joining the Luthor clan. If they were to reflect on that statement, then they may wonder what the hell I am talking about, since it is I who enlisted them to this elite cast and crew of this stage created for the purpose of world domination, in a definitive, yet responsible fashion. We all enjoy having Валерия entertain us through her singing and beauty. Happy Holidays Валерия and Иосиф.

Alex Tew, entrepreneur from the UK who is brandishing an advertising/lottery business through his Pixelotto, I really don't know you that well and, perhaps I should just say Happy Holidays mate. Personally, I believe that ShopFromHomepage is a much more effective means of providing a much needed service for the benefit of many versus the few. Global thinking for local solutions.

My name is Эдмонд, and again I want to express my good fortune of meeting and developing new endearing friendships that hopefully will protect me and the world in 2.007. Yes, 2.007 YOU saw it HERE first! I am the one and the only one who has coined the year 2007 as the year to become known as 2.007 !! I am incredibly gifted as I illustrate with my new description for the next 365 days where the entire planet will refer to the time period as 2.007, the year of Эдмонд, the year of ShopFromHomepage, the year given to us all!

Ahh pizdec. Perhaps enough has been said. Everyone that has made it this far: Happy Holidays. Have a great 2.007 and with that in your mind you will always remember me, Лекс Лютор.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

From Лекс Лютор: Send This To The World

What Edmond did next

Online Web 2.007 Advertising That Makes Sense

Coming up with a killer idea is what most of us dream about at least some of the time, then finding a way to publicise it and make it happen is probably way too much for the majority.

Six months ago local Houstonian, Edmond McGuyer was, to most people, an unknown name. Google it now and you will get countless of pages extolling the virtues of ShopFromHomepage which is Edmond’s killer idea.

For those who are new to it Edmond basically took the simple, visual concept of having a map detailing familiar streets and landmarks and married it to the digital online world and its click-and-go capability to produce a simple, visual navigation of shopping resources in a city in a pixel-driven, interactive digital version.

In ShopFromHomepage advertisers buy pixel ad space for a year and shoppers benefit by finding what they want in their area quickly and efficiently. They look, they click, they buy. Simple.

Of course, at this level nothing is really ‘simple’. Edmond’s vision is a democratic, people-orientated one that utilises the equalising power of the net to level the playing field for more business and drive dedicated customers straight to their doors.

So far so good. This is a story of an internet entrepreneur with a passion for helping the ‘small’ businessman. What makes it even more interesting is what Edmond did to promote it all which had something to do involving world domination and Лекс Лютор aka..Lex Luthor (and for this story you will just have to use Google).

What is interesting is that Edmond McGuyer, who also keeps his finger squarely on the pulse of the web, was quick to also point out fallacies and fads that he felt were harming the online advertising business.

Enter Pixelotto. Pixelotto is the idea of another famous internet entrepreneur from the UK and it is also a simple idea. Pixelotto was the brainchild of Alex Tew and, as the name suggests, involved the sale of pixels to advertisers and the chance to win a million to clickers who clicked a minimum number of times.

While there was a big buzz by both clickers and advertisers with the idea it was Edmond who quickly spotted that Pixelotto basically created a click-fraud industry in one simple (and probably inadvertent) move.

It encouraged wild, random clicking by visitors interested in one thing only: the chance to make a million dollars. This meant that the advertisers were getting more traffic but no real business.

Edmond’s response on blogs and websites about Pixelotto cast the light of reason on an online advertising model that was good for none but its founder: Alex Tew.

With ShopFromHomepage as the only viable means for local people to find what they want in their city fast the question now remains: Once Edmond’s company succeeds in mapping all our major cities, what will he do next?

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Валерия Said To Watch This

Maybe Lex is in training???

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Lex Luthor was right, I did lose my pants.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Alternative Realities


Friday, December 08, 2006

Расшифрована бухгалтерия "Lex Luthor"

11:48 / 8.12 версия для печати
Российские спецслужбы получили новые свидетельства связи чеченских боевиков с зарубежными террористическими группировками. Также были расшифрованы и доходы "Dr. Blogstein".

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is Pixelotto Paying For Hits?

Alex Tew’s newest idea? to make a million dollars; and an equal opportunity millionaire for a viewer with an itchy finger. For readers that are unfamiliar with who he is, a bit of bio may be in order. Alex gave birth in 2006 to an idea of selling pixels as a means of advertising; it was new, interesting and fun for hundreds of thousands all over the world. For some merchants, it provided new, yet short lived exposure. The MillionDollarHomepage is a collage of random pixels depicting images with messages provided by the owner. The idea truly provides a unique form of advertising.

Many others (copy cats) have tried to duplicate the pixel concept and collect a million dollars; either for a legitimate purpose or simply as a get rich scheme.
ShopFromHomepage was conceived over 6 months ago as a means to locate local business in various metropolitan cities for the benefit of all who are looking to shop local. The idea of creating an interactive map with the ability of offering a general message and a company’s website were ideal. Location and company information are available 24 hours a day. Utilizing pixel technology seemed the best solution offering cost effective and finite advertising.

Several key elements separate the two websites: Pixelotto provides the developer (Alex Tew) a million dollars and once again offers random advertising from Soho to Beijing. The merchants now have increased odds of receiving traffic to their site through the introduction of a lottery. Users will click on random images at a minimum pace of 10/day to be eligible. One of the setbacks is the traffic is not targeted: it is comprised of people with the goal of participating in a million dollars.

Where ShopFromHomepage differs is it offers quality/targeted traffic in specific geographical locations for merchants and customers. Advertisers, for as little as $100.00 now have an opportunity for customers to find them through local city searches. For the price of a one day newspaper ad, a business can be profiled for one year; small businesses that have not had a previous budget can now advertise their location and quite possibly block out the competition due to the finite real estate available.

Pixelotto will generate curious traffic searching for a million dollars while ShopFromHomepage has targeted traffic searching for local solutions.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Father Randall Radic

Last Friday night, "Lex Luthor Presents" featured Randall Radic, the fallen priest who sold his congregation's church for a BMW 730i. The authorities did force Father Felony to return the car and all proceeds that were still available. Since being incarcerated, he has atoned for his sins and is writing several books. He is a fascinating man and ShopFromHomepage has been able to persuade Father Felony to discuss anything from BMW's to the Apocalypse. If there are any topics you would like to discuss, please leave us a comment.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hello Father Felony

We are going to accept your offer and see you professionally once a week. Please let me know what is good for you. Maybe Friday morning or afternoon? I think Dr. Blogstein will agree that this is advisable given recent events.


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Can Someone Read This Please?!?

The last doctor I spoke with asked me if I was stable: that would be the doctor mentioned in this letter. What do they want from me???!!

----- Original Message -----
To: Sir Lex Luthor
Sent: Friday, December 3, 2006 10:35 AM
Subject: Help

Makadii Dr Blogstein

Munganudzawo kuti munoziva Mc Guyer seyi ? Uyezve chii chamakaita kwaarii, , ko Lux Luther akabva kupi ?Tirikutya nezvake isu mungati batsirawo here maererano niizvi .

Richard Chiyaka

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ok, I sure as hell cannot read this? Where is Lex Luthor!?!

پيام به مردم آمريكا
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج و العافیه و النصر و اجعلنا من خیر انصاره و اعوانه و المستشهدین بین یدیه

مردم شریف آمریکا
اگر فعالیتهای دولت امریکا در این منطقه از جهان و تاثیرات منفی آن در زندگی ملتهای ما و نابسامانیها و جنگهایی که دولت آمریکا مسبب آن است و نتایج تاسف بار مداخله آمریکا در سایر کشورهای جهان نبود.
همچنین اگر یکتا پرستی ، حق جویی و عدالتخواهی مردم آمریکا از یک طرف و پنهان کاری و جلوگیری دولت آمریکا از نشر حقایق و واقعیتهای موجود وجود نداشت.
و اگر همه ما در قبال آزادی ، حرمت و کرامت انسانی مسئولیت مشترک نداشتیم ضرورتی برای گفتگو با شما وجود نمی داشت .
باید اذعان کرد که هر چند تقدیر الهی دو کشور ایران و آمریکا را در فاصله دوری از یکدیگر قرار داده است ، اما ارزشها و روح کلی انسانی که از برتری کرامت و فضیلت همه انسانها سخن می گوید دو ملت بزرگ را به یکدیگر نزدیک کرده است .
هر دو ملت خداپرست ، حقیقت جو و عدالت طلب و خواهان شرافت و عزت و کمال هستند .
همه از ترویج ارزشها و خصلتهای انسانی نظیر محبت ، وحدت و همدلی ، احترام به حقوق انسانها و پشتیبانی از حق و انصاف و دفاع از انسانهای مظلوم در برابر زورگویان خرسند می شوند و لذت می برند .
همه در خوبیها ، در خدمت به یکدیگر به خصوص در خدمت به محرومان و مظلومان میل مشترک داریم و از بیعدالتی ها ، پایمال شدن حقوق انسانها و تحقیرها ناراحت می شویم .
همه از گمراهی و فریب و نیرنگ بیزاریم و دوستدار هدایت و نور ، یکرنگی و اخلاص هستیم .
فطرت انسانی دو ملت بزرگ ایران و آمریکا بر حقیقت آنچه گفتم گواهی می دهد .
مردم شریف آمریکا
ملت ما همواره دست دوستی و مودت را به سوی همه ملتهای جهان دراز کرده است . صدها هزار نفر از هموطنان ایرانی من با صلح و صفا در کنار شما زندگی می کنند و عموما منشاء خدمات شایسته ای در جامعه شما هستند . مردم ما سالها با شما در ارتباط بوده اند و علیرغم ...

A Message From Валерия About Lex

I have no idea what this says or means: Прибывший в Москву премьер-министр Косово пытался убедить российское руководство, что в этом балканском регионе скоро воцарится полная идиллия – сербов будут уважать, а разрушенные православные святыни восстановят. Странно было услышать эти слова от человека, который на

протяжении многих лет боролся с сербами с оружием в руках. Реальная ситуация в Косово выглядит далеко не так безоблачно. Сербов в Косово продолжают убивать, а руины церквей растаскивают на сараи.

В Москву с рабочим визитом прибыл премьер-министр Косово Агим Чеку. В ходе своей поездки он пытался убедить российское руководство признать независимость входящего в состав Сербии края. Параллельно он пытался объяснить, что ситуация с сербским населением края не так плоха, как кажется на первый взгляд. Перед отъездом из России Чеку дал пресс-конференцию для российских и иностранных журналистов.

«Цель моего визита – донести до российского руководства и российской общественности нашу точку зрения, рассказать о наших аргументах. Россия – очень важный игрок на Балканах, и мы приехали сюда, чтобы уравновесить агрессивную сербскую пропаганду», - заявил один из лидеров косовских албанцев. «Мы надеемся, что Москва убедит Белград проявлять больше реализма в диалоге с нами и дать косовским албанцам самим определить свое будущее», - добавил он.

Читайте: Сербия не думает отдавать Косово.

Многих интересовал вопрос об использовании Косово в качестве прецедента для Абхазии, Южной Осетии, Приднестровья и Нагорного Карабаха. Однако Чеку уклонился от ответа на этот вопрос, фактически повторив тезис Запада об «уникальности» этого случая. «Пусть о международных прецедентах думают юристы, но я считаю, что случай с Косово уникальный. Косово фактически независимо уже 7 лет, и мы категорически не согласны, чтобы нами управляли из Белграда», - подчеркнул Чеку.


The premier of "Lex Luthor Presents" was simulcast last night on time and lasted approximately 1 hour 50 minutes. The staff and guests were pleased with the performance: we had no idea how much time and effort would be required to put this show on according to one producer.

Father Randall Radic enjoyed being the first guest on the show and as always was true to form once again as a dictionary was necessary to understand him. During the end of the show was a moment of chaos when Lex Luthor was taken away and information is still sketchy at best. We will bring more news on Lex as it becomes available.

Lastly, the results from a requested sign of support were below expectations and production for the next performance has been placed on hold indefinitely. The resources have been utilized and are now depleted; it is our hope that one more campaign released this weekend in Tucson will be successful for SFH.

Thanks again for those who attended the show.

Edmond McGuyer

Any and all support would be greatly appreciated: a donation button has been installed in the sidebar. Proceeds are for debt only.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Token of Appreciation

Several viewers requested a momento of tonight's show: please accept this button. There is also no news on Lex. It appears I will be back to updating both blogs for now.

Send me an e-mail, IM or ? and I will send the code for it.