Thursday, November 30, 2006

Welcome To

The first installment on the PBS network! (Public Blogcasting System) Where we will endeavor to bring you entertainment supplied by direct feed to the Blog. My name is Edmond McGuyer, founder and President of and I am the innovator of this medium, unless it gets lousy reviews and then I will punt it to Lex since I did all the work while he was in Nice, then hanging out with Несмотря in Moscow. In other words, I do all the work and Lex is the guy who has all the fun. Anyway, we are anticipating a rather large audience tonight and I would just like to discuss a few items before I turn the show over.

Since this feature is utilizing the blog format, it has been decided that at the end of tonights performance, the program will be removed from the blog and placed in an archive. Anyone wishing a copy of the transcript can transfer a minimum donation of $TBD$: the donation button on the right will be the conduit. This will help defray all costs involved.

All of VIP's with questions are asked to send them in to: and all other questions should be mailed to All comments submitted during the show will be reviewed and response time will be based on relevant and/or acceptable statements or questions.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back, Back in the USA

After days of speculation, Lex Luthor is stateside and preparing for the premier of Lex Luthor Presents. Shown here in Moscow just over 24 hours ago, Lex is obviously feeling well. When asked about the premier of Friday Night Live, he was all smiles and then he and Несмотря(what a babe!!!) made their way to the helicopter waiting to take them to the airport.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

He's Alive !

It was discovered that while Lex Luthor was in Nice meeting with Russian friend and business associate Сулейман Абусаидович Керимов there was a horrible wreck in his Ferrari. As seen in the photo, it appears there may have been a casualty, but Lex Luthor was not mentioned as being in the car. However, eyewitnesses say they saw a man fitting his description and Lex Luthor was in Nice at the time. Currently, no one knows for sure where Lex Luthor is but he is rumored to be enroute back to the States.

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Information is still sketchy at this time; however, Lex Luthor's head of security, former FSB officer Yuri Velichkov was seen just a short while ago. We tried to have a word with him but he doesn't speak english. More on this developing story as news breaks!

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Sir Lex Luthor has reportedly been the subject of an attempted assassination plot. Stay tuned for further developments as they come in. We believe he is ok, but there is no confirmation.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Doctor's Opinion

Do you ever wonder why people go to a doctor? Generally, it's because they are ill and need help. Sitting outside the office of Dr. Blogstein is a pizdec seeking a bond after becoming lost. Lost from attempting to read a medical opinion. A great discovery. It could very well be a case of attention deficit disorder. For if he had been able to digest the opinion, it discusses an incredible concept of utilizing a map. Perhaps if the pizdec had the ability to read more than a few sentences, then this would result in fewer problems. Lord Lex Luthor wonders if the pizdec on the couch is a mudac from Tucson: over exposure from the sun can trigger dementia.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Russia, China, Greece

Citizens, friends from around the world: your letters have been answered and your friend Lex Luthor has spoken! My doctor, a man of great foresight and revered throughout the land, also saw your letters and decided it would be best to qualm the spirited requests for information. This should quench the thirst for information atleast for the short term and I invite all of Russia and Greece to watch us Friday night. It is with deep regret that the People of China are not allowed access to blogs due to the freedom and expressions of uncensorable ideas. Damned bas#^@*s. However I do have another way to send a transcript, which I will. But none of my friends over there can read this, so I'll stop here.

After the private session that was afforded Edmond and I over the weekend, Dr. Blogstein decided to takes us up on a free vacation to Hollywood. We hope he's having fun and will talk with him Friday. I leave you all with another rendition of what will come on Friday night.

Hit it!

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Never Before

My name is Lex Luthor and I want to thank everyone for coming: I will get straight to the point. For those of you who have seen me, you know I am promoting my company ruthlessly. Lex Luthor is introducing a radical new concept to be featured only on this blog: this is a first which will benefit all of you that want to link with me and be a part of history; through this event and the domination of the world through my company,

I ask you for your support and in exchange for your link, you will be provided with not only commensurate benefits of reciprocity, but the first 20 will be entitled to ask one question of my celebrity guest who will be here for approximately one and a half hours. It is highly anticipated that there will be a raised candle JayZ/Linken Park~~Encore type moment in the last 30 minutes. You will be witness to a fascinating man that very few have ever had an opportunity to speak with, but we have him scheduled for you 12/01/2006 at 20:00Pacific/23:00Eastern.

Thanks for your link of support and enjoy the show.

Lex Luthor

Sir Lex Luthor is taking over the web blog

The world is never enough for a man of Luthor’s stature. Sir Lex Luthor, once presumed gone forever, is back with a vengeance and ready to take over the web one blog at a time just as his alter ego is taking over the web one city at a time.

So what is all this really about?

Dr Blogstein started it all by unleashing upon an unsuspecting web the persona of Lex, long laid dormant in the meek exterior of ShopFromHomepage founder and president, Edmond McGuyer. “It’s like something clicked,” says Edmond trying to explain the inexplicable, “suddenly I was not myself any more and all those who were slow to see the potential of were in the cross hairs of Lex Luthor’s and now, Sir Lex Luthor’s rage.”

Tucson, for example, the city that Edmond honoured by making it the first one to have a map in was almost excised overnight at the flick of a switch, “Yes, Sir Lex Luthor has that kind of power,” confirmed Edmond.

Tucson was saved thanks to Edmond’s timely intervention and is now still enjoying exposure and advertising benefits.

“We’ve added Manchester UK to the list and are now planning to grow,” explains Edmond about What he cannot adequately explain is the blogging explosion of Sir Lex Luthor’s appeal on the web.

With bloggers tuning in to see what’s happening on an almost daily basis Sir Lex Luthor has become a web celebrity whose stature far outweighs anything he enjoyed before. “People just like talking to an evil mastermind,” says Edmond, “particularly someone who seems intent on taking over the web blog.”

So where is it going to stop? Is it going to stop?

Will there be an end at any time? Anywhere?

Tough questions. Perhaps some answer will be found in Dr Blogstein’s interview with Edmond, the man who provides the platform Sir Lex Luthor needs.

Dr. Blogstein has made a reputation for himself in the web of blogs for shooting from the hip and being the first to uncover the literary prodigy known as Father Felony aka Randall Radic. “An interview with the man who unleashed Lex Luthor will have interesting ramifications,” says Edmond McGuyer.

Watch this space for updates and don’t miss the interview at Dr Blogstein’s blog of blogs!

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From Greece With Love

I have not discussed Greece...however, I do agree that Athens needs a map and I'll take some dolmades, see you next year Greece!

Keep the letters coming my friends.
Keep the letters coming.



Wednesday, November 22, 2006


From Russia With Love

Dear Vera,

It seems that you and your colleagues have either have too much time on your hand, or a limitless capacity for coruscation: being without equal in my perspicacity and great looks, it's obviously the all encompassing Lex Luthor. With a name that translates to Faith Sharpmind, well, this could become fascinating with unfathomable potential. Tell your friends at MSU that Dr. Blogstein is aware of your inquiries, if you wish, mail him directly at the address provided at his blog.

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From China with Love

As was anticipated, the People's Republic of China had read that an interview of Lex Luthor, was to be undertaken by none other than the infamous Dr. Blogstein. Due to scheduling and other conflicts, it has still been placed on hold. I, Sir Lex Luthor can only applaud my fans in China and this one especially from Shenzhen. Zhongmei Li has expressed interest in my ventures and proposed entry into Beijing and Shenzhen later next year.

Several dispatches have been received from fans and curious in Moscow and the sublime academicians of MSU. Hopefully, I can accommodate further information near term and again, thank you for your kind letters and support. Forward your communications in whichever language you want: translation is of no concern. The foreordained vision of World Domination will continue in a country near you. Stay tuned.

Please send all correspondence to my personal address of . I shall endeavor to reply post haste.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

~~~Here's Looking At A Chip Off The Old Block~~~

This portrait that Daddy Luthor gave me my Christmas present. Last night, in my dreams where it is safe, Lord Lex told me about the other painting; but I can't talk about that now. I just checked on Edmond and I guess he is still trying to hook up with the 25Peepers: leave it to him to try and copy some promotion. But me, again, look at this picture and who is the fairest one on the wall? Me, Sir Lex Luthor. Son of Lord Lex Luthor and I'll be back soon. Some plans have been made that most of you will see; except those that I really don't care if you do.~~

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't Mind Me

Just checking messages. Ok, maybe not. Maybe I came back to see if anyone is in my lair. I have enjoyed reading the latest post at Edmond's Blog. Vying for attention on 25CentPeepShow? Amazing. Perhaps we should talk. Especially since I'm better looking, but they will find me easily enough.

Business, it seems this week is becoming a turkey and yes, pun intended. That is why we opened up the UK early. Team Amerland is supposed to be handling affairs there since they think I, Sir Lex Luthor am a bit eccentric? What about Benny Hill? He was welcome in this country! Hell, he made me laugh. This morning I had an appointment with a doctor, and not Dr. Blogstein(I do know 1 or maybe 2 others) and we discussed ShopFromHomepage. You know what she said? She, a doctor in Tucson, said that is a great idea! You should be doing well! Somewhere is some real confusion about business in this city. I know the company, the plan, the team are all solid; otherwise, I would not be here. If you are a business person and you are reading this, then get on the map before I raise the rates! Or e-mail me at and mention me, and I'll give you 50% off through 11/25. Get on the map!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

My New Image

Over the weekend, there seemed to be a calm in the air. Everywhere I went, people awed at the site of the new Lex Luthor. I am glad that my new facade is so captivating: I must admit, I do look good. Perhaps my trek to the UK will be more placid for all of us, but especially for those that need a good dose of fresh air. To mark the occasion, some banners were created for the entree to the the territory.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Look at Me! The Time Is Here For WD.

It has again become possible that questions regarding my character, motives, plans, and agenda could soon be asked; and perhaps even answered. This is announced to inform locally and to the British, Russians, Chinese, and a few others that Lex Luthor is not opposed to giving interviews, but I am selective on who will conduct them. Once I have definitive affirmation, I will provide more details.
By the way, the picture to the right is Lord Lex Luthor.

I now refer your attention back to whatever it was you were doing.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday? hmmm

Has anyone noticed when you look at the screen, it seems to be in 3D?? Could it be possible that it is just me? I seriously doubt it folks, but I'll be happy to check with doc on the medication I am taking. But, if you are not seeing 3D, you may ask yourself: how cool would that be?!? Stick around, cause you never know who tonight's special guest is. Thursday...How did I get stuck doing Edmond's job? I am still cyphering that question,But, today I went to 3 meetings that are on Edmond's schedule: of course we all know why they are; he is just so much more personable. He's just great out there pressing flesh and talking the talk. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, hell, if it wasn't for him and his, his doctor, I maynot be here entertaining my friends. Friends like you with the bald head on the third row.

I am here to tell everyone who has not seen the latest Homepage, that I, Sir Lex Luthor, now have SFH strategically placed in the UK. I also put us in Phoenix so I can be near my dear friend Bob and his T-Shirt models. This folks, this is what I do: I get the results, the large items. If Edmond has ideas, which he usually does, then I will implement them: I will....get them done. As I was describing following in someone elses path today, I hear people that don't know me, but who does really? but these people are saying things like " If you don't get on the site, you will be lost behind" Where do these guys think of such catchy phrases? Plagiarism sounds applicable, but to me it is humorous: no originality.

Today I got the results and I see just what Edmond does, and I am glad that is his job! My time is best spent on the larger picture while the ground troops get their plans implemented. So, what's next for me? I'm going to call Dr. Blogstein, there are some ideas swimming around in my head that really belong in his pool. Not to mention, he's really a fascinating guy. But I'll be back and let everyone know what I want you to know; like this is where I just came from.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

So This Is beta??

All I did was hit a button. Perhaps I should have consulted with Edmond, perhaps I should have gone to Ixtapa last night, perhaps he will attend to these little problems. As he said, I am away and south of the border and the agreements/timetables are being addressed and drafted as I sip a margarita. hmmm, not bad...not bad at mas por favor!

I read that Edmundo has entered some publicity format to attempt viewers, viewers like you to vote for him? That's laughable. If you feel the need to vote for someone, let it be me.

Sir Lex Luthor

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Do I have to Explain?

The answer must be yes. Not everyone has been keeping up with the entries so reference to Shop may cause confusion? I cause confusion, chaos, depression. How so some ask, because you out there get depressed because you can't be like me, with statements like that confusion sets in and chaos always follows. Does any of this make sense? It does to me so sit back and enjoy your time here with Sir Lex Luthor.

Who and what is Shop? Shop was a figment of Edmond's imagination created from working at the computer almost 6 months straight. I say was because Shop became a permanent fixture and is still around, and has significant information on ShopFromHomepage. Ahh yes, another preponderance of inquisitive necessity. ShopFromHomepage is a revolutionary solution to re unite local business with local community: And people performing searches for specific localized areas. Business has a new friend: for a few dollars they can have their website available 24/365 on a map for anyone interested in their area. A visual tool supplying local information is available to the public detailing area business locations from owners that want you to know they are on the map and want your business.

Notice the word want? Not all businesses use the Yellow book, newspaper, tv, radio, or direct mailers. The reason could be price,absence of need, ignorance, or retardation. If a business owner is truly concerned about dollars spent on ads and they think they are wasting large amounts of money: they should get on the map. The price of a one day ad could get them on the map for one year. There! That's the summary!

Back to me! Sir Lex Luthor. News today from the land of her majesty and that will be revealed in a day or so. I love inside information, but last time I leaked some out, it caused a delay and that my followers simply pisses me off. Edmond said yesterday that I would be on later in the evening last night; but I am here now and that is close enough. Pioneer Homes, yes I am responsible for that! Another few brainstorms created by me should be revealed by Monday I would think, but this is Tucson! The Radio chick that I am to talk with about an interview is on my list as well.

And to think that it took a freak accident by a doctor to release me! I bet Dr. Blogstein has received a few phone calls/e-mails about my return! Thanks again doc. I'm having fun and when is our next session? According to my notes, it was due about now. I have a few things on, well, more than a few, but we should talk.

Sir Lex Luthor

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shop said what!?!

We will get to that momentarily. Tonight, politico night: some are happy, some are sad, some are rich, some are broke, some got the vote, others did not.....and it is over now... Or is it. With that said, there should be no excuse for discussions to refocus on 2 topics: make me rich/make me laugh!

Lex Luthor clearly informed Edmond that Tucson was to be taken off life support in the next 24 hours( 0911 MT-08.11.2006 ). Instead, Shop decides on its own to save it? Shop implements a plan? Where did he, it learn how to plan? From me I suppose. The next phase of my plan to add Phoenix ( Phoenix ) includes a proviso to keep Tucson as a token city because "the idea" was conceived there. This may be implemented, but it will not last in this context: it sounds political (and I am abolishing that). I, Lex Luthor, am going to target the up and comers, for instance, the THCC and 1 more group that demands success now! not at a later date! If I hear this passive, lazy ass attitude one more time there will be extreme repercussions, and I mean it. Repeat the following every day: "Success is paramount: Failure is not an option" Lex Luthor is going to have fun with this little plan that is unfolding as I speak. Some say I'm dangerous* , some say a genius(both are correct actually), some have no clue and those are the ones that entertain me the most.

Expect to see the next city shortly, as Edmond and I say, more cities will be unveiled. Tucson will remain accessible a little while longer; the reprieve is not without challenge. So for now, a few citizens have an opportunity that will provide a new tool to divert the revenue stream of the competition and parlay that flow into their coffers. I like to think of it as a gift to those that
deserve it. Tucson is the last city to get on the map with a pop of under 1 million: ShopFromHomepage was always created for metros( pop over 1.5million ).

Sir Lex Luthor

bye,bye Tucson?

This is Phoenix

* I have been informed that by saying the word "dangerous" some may get scared, some may get terrified. All I meant was do not try and stop me! Does that sound dangerous?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I wonder what will really happen ?

I wonder what will really happen if a man of my powers backs one candidate or another? Surely that would be the death of democracy. While everyone is playing pong and getting hypnotized, it should be easy to slide right in and no one, no one would notice until my man, or, even I held my first Press Conference and told all the politicos they are no longer needed. Yes, it could happen: perhaps I will consider this more tonight, but first is the business at hand.

This morning, it was revealed that I, Sir Lex Luthor had indeed secured Pioneer Homes on the roster of astute, intelligent businesses that enjoy making and taking money. Notice I said taking, not stealing, simply using an incredibly smart idea for those, and only those that want to participate in a new market with unlimited potential for the price of a dinner or weekend at the beach. Taking money from business that wants to stick with the conventional media asking themselves why they have to spend so much and have their message lost on an ad for hair removal. Yes, and they wonder?
Fools. They could be riding on the coat tails of a new concept that I plan on promoting with more abilities than they will ever be able to afford and stay in business. For I am Sir Lex Luthor and I will dominate and take over this world!

Tucson. ? This place has been alluded to before and I think I will clip it! This place is not a metro: I am not sure what it is. Another example of why I am CEO now, Edmond obviously became dillusional in this place and that's why the idea hit him. People may be looking for a long time, but sometimes you can't help everyone: they need to grow up and figure out if making money in this lifetime is a good idea or trying it in another life. I will not sit around watching any more cactus grow; has anyone seen one? nevermind...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Look What I Found!

If you are looking for fascinating insights on topics such as ShopFromHomepage, Dr. Blogstein, President Bush, Madonna or Bill Gates, then you will have to come back next week when Lex Luthor posts the schedule. Until then, Lex dugg into some of my files, me, Edmond, and has clipped it with my permission. Like that really matters. So as we both agree, just

Click it



Lex Luthor, me, Back in Town

Why I was not summoned earlier for this company simply amazes me. Perhaps this point of contention can be answered in an upcoming meeting with the man, the doctor responsible for this dichotic revelation to be unleashed on the world once again allowing me, Sir Lex Luthor the fun of WD! Thanks again Dr. B!

As mentioned on another blog, I have been in Houston discussing ShopFromHomepage with business men with an astute appreciation for making money. Is it coincidence that this city is the 4th largest metro in the country? I don't think so. It is because of business that never sleeps. Men and women that want to become wealthy today, not tomorrow. It is a city full of electricity and entrepreneurs! It's my kind of town; they have good bar-b-que also: like Otto's. This is where my pal George Bush likes to eat.

One company that continues to prove that innovation, leading the pack will bring more rewards than following the pack. Others who join will also reap the benefits but there is no comparison to the intellect found in self made millionaires. A major homebuilder sees the brilliance in the idea, the extreme possibilities for making money, the reality of economy, not to mention an opportunity to make a ROI of over 500% for an ad that costs $2300.00. No wonder Houston breeds genius, success, innovation, dreams that become realities, ambassadors to capitalism, men like me! Lex Luthor, native Houstonian.

The $750,000,000.00 company will be named shortly. For those of you sitting on the fence scrathing your head need to understand that the reason you have no hair is not an act of nature. Take your hand off your head and get on the map! How many people do I have to show the map to making money? Do you want to make money? Do you like seeing your competition kick your ass? What are you waiting on!?